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Applied Symbolix ceased publication and distribution of all products on April 1, 2001.

In the 5 1/2 years we were active in the business, we made friends with some 5000 customers in the US and Canada, and very much enjoyed our participation in this vital and exciting industry. Regrettably, and contrary to what some might believe, size does matter, and it's difficult for small publishers like us to remain competitive.

Some of our published products (Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales, Pre-Literacy Skills Screening, Syracuse Dynamic Assessment, as well as our self-study programs), will continue to thrive in new hands. Many of our distributed products can be found from other publishers of clinical and speech-language materials. Here are a few:

Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co
., Towson, Maryland (CSBS, CSBS-DP) 800-638-3775. If you work in Early Childhood, you owe it to yourself to be familiar with the Communications and Symbolic Behavior Scales. The CSBS-DP is now completely standardized, and comes with some exciting new tools. This product raises the bar on early childhood assessments, and you should check it out. You can call Brookes Publishing, or check their web catalog at

Pro-Ed, Inc. Austin, Texas (Pre-Literacy Skills Screening, Phonemic Awareness Skills Screening, and a wide variety of speech-language and clinical materials and assessments) 800-397-7633. Their web catalog and other information is at

Red Rock Educational Publications is now publishing our popular line of self-study programs. Each program qualifies for ASHA CEU credit, and the price remains very low. These self-study programs continue to be the least expensive way you can earn ASHA-certified continuing education credits. Please contact Red Rock Publications at 888-284-6811 or go to their web site at for more information. You may also e-mail Dr. Wayne Secord, the president and CE Administrator.

The Speech Bin in Vero Beach, Florida sells a wide variety of speech-language tools. Those looking for the popular
COLORCARDS from Great Britain can find them here. You can reach them at 1-800-477-3324 or check their online catalog at

It has been a pleasure serving you.